Maui to host Energy Conference

Originally published on Ililani Media Hawaiian Electric Industries President and CEO Constance Lau and Hawaii Public Utilities Commission Chair Hermina Morita will be keynote speakers at a Maui Energy Conference scheduled for the end of March. Conference co-sponsors include HECO, MECO, HELCO, First Wind, DBEDT, Maui County and the Maui Economic Read More

The Future Electric Utility Ratepayer

Originally published on Ililani Media Most energy stakeholders believe that we are in the beginning stage of an energy revolution that will transform how energy is produced, delivered and consumed. The initial focus was on the nature of the future utility grid. Will the grid be modernized to handle two-way flowing Read More

The Perfect Storm: Tsunami of Forces Threatening HECO

Originally published on Ililani Media In the 1980s Ma Bell (AT&T) was broken up. The U.S. telecommunications industry underwent a revolution that swept away a hundred years of continuity. Companies formed, died and re-emerged. Transformational technological breakthroughs occurred. Cell phones replaced land lines. A year ago the Edison Electric Institute published “Disruptive Challenges: Read More

Meet the Program Committee

With a national tidal shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, members of the Program Committee for the 2014 Maui Energy Conference share their vision for a sustainable future, explore power generation, storage and transmission challenges and explain how a dialogue among leading experts will address today’s most pressing issues. Read More