2022 Virtual Speaker Details



Please provide a short bio and headshot for inclusion in the conference platform by emailing it to info@hawaiienergyconference.com.


Registration is complimentary. Please register using the exclusive speaker link in your speaker confirmation email so we can ensure you have access to the virtual platform when the time comes.


Please send your cell phone number to info@hawaiienergyconference.com so our team has it on hand should there be technical difficulties during the live event.

MANDATORY TECH CHECK – weeks of April 25 and May 1

For Moderators | Tue May 3 at 10:00 AM
Please join us for a mandatory moderators meeting to walk through the logistics of accessing and using the streaming platform, expectations for guiding the discussions, options for engaging with attendees, and reviewing the overall flow of your session. We ask that you join the meeting with the device and internet connection that you will be using during your panel. Login details are forthcoming in a calendar invite.

For Panelists
Please select a date to join us for a speaker tech check. Please RSVP at https://calendly.com/mauiedb/hec22-speaker-tech-check?month=2022-04. This will help to us ensure you are able to connect to the platform. We ask that you join Tech Check with the device and internet connection that you will be using during your presentation.


For Moderators
As moderator, we encourage you to engineer cross-talk among the panelists. This makes the panel more of a conversation instead of a back and forth between each individual panelist and the moderator. If a speaker is requiring slides, please limit the number of slides to less than 5. Panelists have been asked to send their slides to you by Tuesday, May 3. Please compile your session’s slides into a master slide deck, ensuring they are in the correct order and in PDF format, and submit to info@hawaiienergyconference.com no later than Thursday, May 5. The tech team will drive your session’s presentation. If your panel is not using slides, please let us know.

For Panelists
The Program Committee encourages dialogue amongst panelists rather than individual presentations. Slides are discouraged. Please inform your session moderator if you will be using slides and please limit the number of slides to less than 5. Your slide deck should be provided in PDF format and emailed to your moderator for inclusion in the session slide deck by May 3.

About Slide Formatting
To minimize bandwidth issues, slides should be in PDF format with a maximum file size of 100 MB. Animations and embedded videos will not play. It is highly recommend that font sizes not drop below 14 pts.

About Video Formatting (for select presenters only)
YouTube or internet-hosted videos or music are not allowed due to copyrighted playback issues. Video files must be in .mp4 format and under 1 GB. Please contact info@hawaiienergyconference.com to obtain an upload link. Additional video optimization specs specific to the conference platform can be viewed here.


Speaker Links. You will be receiving a calendar invite for your panel with links for your participation. Please do not access the Zoom link until your check-in time. If you are concerned about accessing two platforms at once during your panel, we advise you to use only Zoom. Note that panel moderators must access the conference platform to view audience questions.

HEC Presenter Guide. Mahalo for attending a tech check. As we shared, you will be presenting in Zoom, and if electing to view audience questions during your panel, stopping the livestream in the conference platform to avoid audio interference and distractions. Please remember to update your browser and Zoom in advance. Headphones are encouraged. Further guidance can be found in the slide deck used during your tech check.

Speaker Check-In. Please access the Zoom link from the location you tested during the tech check 15-20 minutes prior to your presentation so the tech team knows you are in attendance. Be sure to have your cell phone on vibrate and within eyesight in case the tech team needs to reach you. You will be in the Zoom waiting room until it is time for your panel.

Start of Session. A brief intro video will announce your session and the still of the panel headshots will be your moderator’s cue to begin the discussion. In some instances, the HEC Studio Hosts will announce your session. Please keep your microphone muted at this time.

Audience Q&A. Your moderator will view audience questions on the virtual platform. You will not be able to see audience questions in the Zoom chat.

End of Panel. The tech team will send 5-minute and 2-minute warnings via Zoom chat. Please help the program remain on-time. Your moderator will wrap up the conversation and an outro video will air. You are welcome to leave the Zoom room at this point in time.

Speaker Troubleshooting. Because the panel Zoom link will be active throughout the conference day, our tech team has established a secondary Zoom room for troubleshooting. Please only use this Zoom link if you are experiencing issues and have been directed by the tech team to use it. The link will be in your calendar invite and Final Details email.

Tech Team Contact Information. The tech team will be available by Zoom chat throughout your panel. You may also contact the tech team at (502) 663-9581 during the event. Text is preferred.


Business casual or aloha. Ties are neither required or desired.


Please contact the Conference Organizing Committee at info@hawaiienergyconference.com