Equity & Electrification

The Hawai’i Energy Conference brings together regional and national experts on energy policy, strategies, leadership and innovation.  The 2020 Conference will explore the timely issues of beneficial electrification and the design of an equitable energy transition. 

Participants will take a deep dive into how electrification can be “beneficial”. As more functions are served by electricity, demand for electricity will rise. This opens pathways for more deployment of renewable generation, which supports the sort of ambitious decarbonization goals that state legislatures are enacting. What are the benefits, challenges, and practical limits of electrification?  Given the wildfire issues affecting the West, will there be the same access to electricity for those who cannot afford microgrids or DERs? Can an electrified system be more resilient and efficient? What are the alternatives to electrification?

How can we break through economic, cultural and linguistic barriers to ensure that we have an energy system that works for everyone?  Where should we invest and put equity into equity? What does an equitable energy transition look like? Is it possible to create a transition that respects local cultures, is socially just, and protects our most vulnerable?

These topics are not unique to Hawaii, so whether you live on an island or not, please join us on Maui as we explore pathways to creating an equitable, resilient energy system of the future.

Featured Speakers

Rachel Huang Director of Energy Strategy, Research and Development, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Clifford Rechtschaffen Commissioner California Public Utilities Commission

Scott Seu
President & CEO, Hawaiian Electric Company

Mark Toney
Executive Director, The Utility Reform Network

Jenna Tatum
Director, Building Electrification Initiative

Melissa Miyashiro
Managing Director, Strategy & Policy, Blue Planet Foundation

Mark Kolesar
Chair, Alberta Utilities Commission

Cara Goldenberg
Sr. Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute

Ingrid Rohmund
Sr. Vice President, Applied Energy Group

Murray Clay
President, Ulupono Initiative

Tuan Pham
President, PowerFin

Jennifer Potter
Commissioner, Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Lynne Araki Regan
First Deputy, Department of Transportation, Hawaii

Nicole Velasco
Business Development, NORESCO

Pono Shim
CEO, Oahu Economic Development Board

Alex De Roode
Energy Commissioner, Office of Economic Development, Maui


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