SAVE THE DATE – 22 and 24 June, 2021

The 2021 Hawaii Energy Conference will be virtual.

The Energy Transition in Hawaii: Lessons learned from our investments in people and projects

There are many ways to invest in the future of energy in Hawaii. Large scale PV and battery deployment; microgrids and other distributed energy resources (DER); and deployment of EV charging infrastructure all require substantial amounts of financial capital. But here in Hawaii development of human skills and social relationships that bind our community together are paramount. These human capital needs include job creation, equitable distribution and siting of energy resources, and respect and recognition of the contributions of our indigenous culture and the other cultures and peoples who have made Hawaii home. Every community faces similar challenges – how can we invest in people while designing energy projects that are financially viable, resilient, and enhance job skills?

Join us for the 8th Annual Hawaii Energy Conference as we explore how to invest with knowledge and respect in Hawaii.

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2020 Hawaii Energy Conference explored the theme Imagining a Just Recovery. What would that look like for the grid? Read more

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“The Hawaii Energy Conference provides a vital service to our state by convening policy-makers and stakeholders to discuss our energy future. As we all work together to help Hawaii stabilize and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is especially important to embrace innovative technology, policies and regulation within the renewable energy sector, which will help protect our natural environment, shielding our island state from volatile world fossil fuel markets, strengthening its overall resilience, and aid in its economic recovery.”
– Murray Clay, President of Ulupono Initiative