Imagining a Just Recovery. What would that look like for the grid?

On July 30th the Hawaii Energy Conference went virtual for a robust discussion of how the energy sector can and should respond to our current challenges by creating a “just” electrical grid.

The Hawaiʻi Energy Conference understands our energy systems do not exist in a vacuum.  COVID-19 has laid bare the stark reality of pre-existing inequalities in our society. The elderly, the poor, and minorities have suffered tremendously in the pandemic’s wake.  Peaceful, sometimes violent, forms of protest make it painfully evident that an equitable or just recovery is the only path forward to heal our communities.

Not everything is bad news. The planet experienced an unexpected respite from air pollution, and a slowdown in carbon loading to the atmosphere. But the lessened impact to our ecosystem came at an extraordinary economic cost. As we move forward, what strategies will policy makers and regulators use to achieve results that benefit broad swaths of society?  How will utilities and companies in the energy sector contribute?

Visit the archive page for video replays.

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Featured Speakers

Scott Seu
President & CEO, Hawaiian Electric Company

Doug McLeod
Chair, Hawaii Energy Conference Program Committee

Frank De Rego, Jr Vice Chair, Hawaii Energy Conference Program Committee

Jennifer Potter
Commissioner, Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Clifford Rechtschaffen Commissioner California Public Utilities Commission

Mark Kolesar
Former Chair, Alberta Utilities Commission

Mark Thompson
Commissioner, Oregon Public Utility Commission

Will Giese
Executive Director, Hawaii Solar Energy Association

Dawn Lippert
CEO, Elemental Excelerator

Scott Glenn
Chief Energy Officer, Hawaii State Energy Office

Odette Mucha
Regulatory Director, Southeast, Vote Solar

Rachel James
Attorney, Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Alvaro Sanchez
Director, Environmental Equity, Greenlining Institute

Ali Andrews
Co-Founder and CEO of Shake Energy Collaborative

Jonathan Koehn
Chief Sustainability & Resilience Officer, City of Boulder

Destinie Nock
Assistant Professor of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie
Mellon University

Kathryn Wright
Program Director, Building Energy, Urban Sustainability

Carlos Martin
Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute