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County of Maui in partnership with the Maui Economic Development Board Inc. present

“Electric Utilities: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be”
Developing the Blueprint for the Utility of the Future

In the next five years, energy utilities will experience more change than they’ve seen in the past century. Delivering safe and reliable energy will continue to form the bedrock of what utilities will do, but the modern utility must expand its vision and adapt to changing circumstances in order to meet the demands of customers, communities and shareholders. Nowhere is this more urgent than in Hawaii, with transformation to clean energy underway by our electric utilities.

A visit to Maui is an opportunity to see future issues for the electric grid in your state. Our isolated island grid has been experiencing rapid growth in clean energy generation. Residents and consumers look at energy and their relationship with the utility differently. This conference will bring together a number of diverse and unique perspectives to explore the key drivers facing the industry, both here and overseas, including:

• The “traditional utility” structure: What does it look like, and why does it face unprecedented challenges?
• What are the key drivers that are shifting the energy paradigm?
• Do ownership structures such as coops or municipal utilities better serve our needs?
• How do you achieve a mix of clean energy to the satisfaction of all stakeholders?
• What will future electric consumers want and expect from their electric utility?
• Who should lead the transformation, and who should be part of the dialogue?
• What are the key elements of a 21st century energy utility business model?

A limited number of Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Hawaiian Electric
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Maui Economic Development Board
Mayor’s Office of Economic Development