Save the Date – July 30 for Live Stream Hawaii Energy Conference

Save the Date – July 30 for Live Stream Hawaii Energy Conference

The 7th Hawaii Energy Conference, presented by Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and supported by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development, has been rescheduled and will be a live stream event.

Imagining a Just Recovery. What would that look like for the grid?

Please join us online on July 30 for a robust discussion of how the energy sector can and should respond to our current challenges by creating a “just” electrical grid.

The Hawaiʻi Energy Conference understands our energy systems do not exist in a vacuum.  COVID-19 has laid bare the stark reality of pre-existing inequalities in our society. The elderly, the poor, and minorities have suffered tremendously in the pandemic’s wake.  Peaceful, sometimes violent, forms of protest make it painfully evident that an equitable or just recovery is the only path forward to heal our communities.

Not everything is bad news. The planet experienced an unexpected respite from air pollution, and a slowdown in carbon loading to the atmosphere. But the lessened impact to our ecosystem came at an extraordinary economic cost. As we move forward, what strategies will policy makers and regulators use to achieve results that benefit broad swaths of society?  How will utilities and companies in the energy sector contribute?

Recognizing the importance of these issues across the globe, and as a Mahalo (Thank you) for all those who have supported the Conference in the past, admission for this three-hour event will be FREE.

Details of speakers and registration for the live stream Hawaii Energy Conference coming soon.